Inspired By Musication Live Mural Painting
8:00 PM20:00

Inspired By Musication Live Mural Painting was created to showcase the artists and sponsors of the Inspired By Us event taking place on Friday, November 14 at 5050 Skatepark on Staten island.  The night will include the premier of a local documentary about visual arts, live painting and sculpting, and an art sale of donated works with all proceeds going to benefit the Lark Fund. Many people and organizations have come together to make this happen and here you can find info on all of them including contributing artists and sponsors.

Projectivity Movement is a collective of musicians, artists, teachers, community members and leaders, venue owners, and promoters who have come together to create a variety of different inspirational and educational opportunities for the youth and beyond. Located in and around New York City, Projectivity has been instrumental in opening doors for children and adolescents of all backgrounds to learn and pursue different crafts and art forms.   The people involved have helped create art and music workshops, after-school programs, art competitions, music concerts, and benefit events of all kinds.  Our goals are to find creative ways to inspire as well as educate others about the potential within themselves as well as provide guidance on how to use practical tools such as art, music, and technology to help express themselves and pursue their dreams. 

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